Retro emulation

I have written about a number of projects that I have done in recreating old computers like the HP2000/Access and the DEC PDP-10. To give this some impact and a sense of how these might have been used in the past, I have done a couple of videos for the /r/retrobattlestations reddit.

This first one show an emulated HP2000/Access system running a graphical 3D noughts and crosses game on an emulated Tektronix 4014.

This second one shows the startup of DEC PDP-10 TOPS-10 7.04 and the execution of the worlds first multi user dungeon, Essex university MUD, on a simulated old CRT terminal.

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  1. Bernard says:

    Thanks for the nice demo! I’m trying hard to get this image working in SIMH. Would it be possible to provide a ready-made image?

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