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One of the original aims of this site when I set it up back in 2006 was to share some of my travel videos. As it is, life and work and the like all got in the way and so I never properly got around to posting videos or writing them up. So, here is some catch-up stuff with some more to follow.

Firstly, here is a video of The Full Moon party in Koh Phangan, Thailand from 2002. For those of you have been it probably doesn’t look much different to your own experience, but the music is older. There are some artefacts on the video arising from slowing the shutter speed down to improve the light visibility that look at bit trippy, so enjoy.

More recently in 2007 I did some diving in Cuba, visiting a wreck in Varadero and the also the Bay of Pigs. Nice easy dives and quite fun. Cuba is a great place for diving and the whole country is a real experience. Rather than get a all-inclusive package, which many people do, I got return flights to Havana with Virgin Atlantic and then just back packed around the country. There are some really great places off the usual tourist trail but the best bit was how welcoming the Cubans are as I spent most of my time staying in Homestays with local families. In tourist places you can get away with English (or Russian) but off the beaten track Spanish really helps.


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