So, whats all this about then?

OK, so Im new to this blogging thing and deeply suspicious of its value. For the most part I think that bloggers are people with nothing to say and too much time on their hands. I count myself in that group at the moment, but await to be inspired by current events or whatever life throws at me.

Still, for those of you who want to you can now comment on the bus widget and I should get less junk email.

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3 Responses to So, whats all this about then?

  1. One-Ten says:

    Okay, well let me comment on the bus widget: it’s superb! I live in Lewes, where none of the bus stops have real time indicators. Not only can I now see when the buses are due, I can do it from the comfort of my own study. Thanks.

  2. Martyn says:


    Do you have any plans to write a version of your Bus Times widget suitable for mobile phones? I’m very tempted to write one, or a Java mobile phone application to do the job as the City Transport site is useless on most mobiles.

    Did you have to get permission to access their data directly?


  3. Admin says:

    I didnt get the permission of CityTransport, on the grounds that (a) its my council tax thats paying for the system, (b) Its on the web and essentially all I do is syndicate the content, and (c) I add value by making the system more accessible and useful. I have had dialogues by email with the site administrators about issues concerning how bus stops are labelled with specific reference to the widget and nobody seems to have got upset.

    I think a mobi phone applet would be a great idea, especially if it could, somehow, be location aware. Im afraid my java knowledge is basically zilch, but feel free to borrow logic from the Mac widget. Im hoping to produce a Google Tool Bar Gadget in the near future, so PC folk can use it too. Still got to learn how to do that though.



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