Building MUD 86 from source

To build the 86 source you first need to get the MUD sources to your TOPS-10 host. I suggest that you use kermit to transfer it to a PPN of [2011,2776] as that is where we need to work. Alternatively create a tape of the sources using Linux Tops-10 tapeutils (untested) and then restore it to [2011,2776] on your TOPS-10 system. See the FAQ for how to restore.

The MUD.MIC that i may need to be altered to work with your BCPL installation. I used SOS to remove the references to DSKF:, raised the .HIGH. seg to 507200 for the larger MUD 86, and also changed the NSS and NSA commands to SSAVE and SAVE respectively, but all this is already done for you if you use the MUD sources linked to above.

Once this is done, you should simply need to DO MUD M and then DO MUD DM. This will compile and produce two EXEs: MUD.EXE and DBASE.EXE. If you don’t get this or you get an error during compilation or linking, it is likely that either your BCPL is missing libraries, your high-mem settings are wrong, or the linker broke somehow. The obvious symptom that you had linker errors is you end up with something called LINK.EXE in your directory and it should not be there. If you have BCPL compile errors then something bad has happened to the sources or your BCPL.

Assuming you have got DBASE.EXE and MUD.EXE (which is incomplete and will not run successfully), you now need to generate the MUD from the game sources and build the complete MUD.EXE.

Generating the game from MUD 86 sources

To build MUD, ensure you have all he text files in the [2011,2776] directory and type RUN DBASE. When complete, if all has gone well, you will see diagnostic output about the number of rooms and synonyms and stuff and at the end of the run it will say MUD Saved:

.ru dbase

initialisation used 1928
persona used 0
hours used 7
combat used 136
levels used 67
420 = last room number
used 4755
8 = last map number
used 26
vocabulary ;vocabulary objects
vocabulary actions
;vocabulary action synonyms
;vocabulary demon actions
used 8376
71 = last demon number
used 288
482= last object number
used 4739
420 = last travel number
used 4062
1114    = last text number
used 847
207 classes, 253 objects and 16 motion words defined
Total space used 25247
Loading database from MUD.DMP


MUD saved

At this point you can now RUN MUD

.ru mud

ESSEX UNIVERSITY: Multi-User Dungeon.
This Mud created: 8th December 2018 at 13:23:32
Origin of version: 13:23:47.
Welcome! By what name shall I call you?

Once compiled and run, you can copy the MUD.EXE, *.DBA and MUD.??M files to any PPN and they will just run. I recommend a [2011,2011] PPN as this was the original PPN which held the MUD executable on Essex Uni.  The MUD guest account was [2653,2653].

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